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Winning details of Canandaguia Lake 9/24/11
1st place: Patrick Schlosser (15.94lbs)
technique: drop shot weedline and points, skipping docks
lures/tackle: 4" Berkley Gulp Crayfish in Camo color, 3" Berkley Gulp Minnow, 5" wacky rigged Yamamoto Senko in Green Pumpkin Magic color
key of the day: "The biggest key for me was to figure out the pattern on docks that held quality fish. The docks had to be in 8-12 foot of water and have weeds under or near the dock. Once I was able to figure out the pattern I was able to eliminate a lot of shallow and deep water/docks and maximize my time on the key docks. I had a lot of things go right for me today. And it always helps to be lucky!"
Winning details of Upper Niagara River/Lake Erie 9/10/11
1st place: Sean Firkins (19.49lbs)
technique: info coming soon
lures/tackle: info coming soon
key of the day: info coming soon
Winning detatils of Cassadaga Lake 8/27/11
1st place: Ryan Samland (9.32lbs)
technique: Targeting weeds and the weedline in 7-12 foot of water.
lures/tackle: Texas rigged 2 tone 5" Senko in baby bass/white color. Venom green pumpkin colored Dream Craw pegged with a 1/4oz  Tungsten weight. Both lures were thrown on 17lb test Fluorocarbon line.
key of the day: "The biggest key was finding a quality spot that held some big fish in practice. I only had 1 fish over 15 inches at 12:30pm. I decided to move to another location that I caught fish in during practice and I caught 2 fish on consecutive casts that were over 15 inches."
Winning details of Sodus Bay 8/14/11
1st place: Paul Pilkington (15.55lbs)
technique: throwing a senko around and under docks, pitching a
jig-n-pig on docks in 2 foot or less of water
lure/tackle: 5" Senko in pearl blue pepper color. Stanley bug eye jig in peanut butter and jelly color with a brown and orange colored Berkley Havoc Pitt Boss trailer thrown on 30lb Trilene XT monofilament line
key of the day: "I fished a stretch of 12-15 docks that held quality fish. I never felt a fish hit my lure. I would throw under the dock and wait 30 seconds or so and than just lift up and most of the time I would just feel weight at the end of my line. It was a real subtle bite." 
Winning details of Little Sodus Bay @ Fairhaven 8/13/11
1st place: Jim Thompson (13.90lbs)
technique: Flipping walls at the back of docks, throwing a jig-n-pig in pockets of weeds in 10-15 foot of water
lures/tackle: 1/16oz and 1/8oz weighted Venom tube jig in watermelon color. Strike King black/blue jig with a Berkley trailer. Booyah black/blue jig with a Berkley trailer. Both Jig-n-Pigs were thrown on 17lb test monofilament line.
key of the day: "Persistence paid off for me today. I fished 3 spots today and just kept rotating through them. I caught 4 quality fish in 4 casts today that led me to a productive pattern. I also caught the lunker of the day on my very last cast of the day."
Winning details of Keuka Lake 8/6/11
1st place: Scott Gauld (14.19lbs)
technique: fishing weed lines, skipping docks, dropshot
tackle/lures: Venom DreamCraw in green pumpkin, 5" Venom Salty Sling in green pumpkin candy color, Venom dropshot minnow in green pumpkin color
key of the day: "Not giving up was the biggest key of the day for me. I only had 4 fish at 1:30pm and we were all the way on the west branch of the lake. I had a long run to make to get back to the launch at Penn Yan by 2:00pm. I came up to a dock and skipped my Salty Sling under the dock and when I was bringing it back out a smaller fish was following it out. Just then I see this huge fish (6.77lbs) come out from under the dock and it scared off the smaller fish and came right to the Salty Sling. I saw its gills flare and watched it inhale the Salty Sling. This was my 5th fish and I had to leave for the weigh in." NEVER GIVE UP!  
Winning details of Honeoye Lake 7/23/11
1st place: Kenn Kolo (10.72lbs)
techniques: Crankbait in 6-8 feet of water. Jig-N-Pig in the weeds
tackle/lures: Strike King KVD 2.5 in sexy shad color. 3/8oz black and blue jig
key of the day: "The biggest key for me was coming up and prefishing and coming up with a pattern and finding an area with quality green weeds that held decent size fish."
Winning details of Chautaqua Lake 7/10/11
1st place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: fishing docks
lures/tackle: Sweet Beaver in green pumpkin color. Venom Dream Craw in green pumpkin color.
key of the day: "I did not have a good tournament the day before at Chautauqua so I decided to do something totally different than what I did on Saturday. I also noticed most guys were going the opposite way on the lake so I decided I would go the other way and target docks that I didnt think were getting a lot of fishing pressure."
2nd place: Scott Gauld
technique: Fishing around docks and marine areas
lures/tackle: Venom Dream Craw in green pumpkin color and in green pumpkin color with copper flake. Venom Salty Sling in green pumpkin candy color thrown on a spinning rod and reel with 10lb Berkley Fireline Crystal line.
key of the day: " Biggest key of the day for me was doing a lot of moving and picking fresh areas and docks. I did go to some of the same places that I fished Saturday because the areas have always been consistently good for me. Where I couldn't find a fish Saturday I was able to take a few good size keepers from on Sunday."
3rd place: Don Roesch
technique: fishing docks
lures.tackle: 5" senko in pumpkin color with green flake
key of the day: "With 3 tournaments on Chautaqua Lake on Saturday and all the fishing pressure these fish are getting from the tournaments I figured I needed to try to find some areas that I thought were not fished yet. I found some docks that no one else seemed to be around and I was able to catch a decent limit."
Winning details of Chautaqua Lake 7/9/11
1st place: Noah Raymond
technique: flipping tubes in 7-10 feet of water
lures/tackle: Strike King green pumpkin tube
key of the day: "I was just extremely patient today."
2nd place: John Evans
technique: fishing shallow. Around and under docks
lures/tackle: Yum Dinger in green color thrown on a spinning reel with 8lb monofilament line. Zoom Fluke in pearl white color on a baitcaster with 12lb monofilament
key of the day: "It was just one of those days when it all seemed to work for me. I was able to catch fish at almost all the places I stopped today. I probably caught 25 keepers today."
3rd place: Andy Full
technique: fished just about every style today. Top water, senko, ika, spinnerbait, finesse worm
lure/tackle: Senko, Ika, Spinnerbait, Popper, Finesse worm
key of the day: "My boater was the biggest key of the day. Joe Kugel put me on quality fish all day! Unfortunately I lost a lot of good fish today. But we were on so many good ones that I was able to put together a good limit for a 3rd place finish. I caught fish on just about every fishing technique there is."
Winning details of Irondequoit Bay 6/25/11
1st place: Noah Raymond
technique: slow rolling a spinnerbait between docks and around cover
lures/tackle: Strike King spinnerbait in chartreusse and white color
key of the day: "It was a speed thing today. All my fish that I weighed in came on a slow rolled spinnerbait. The slower the better. I fished around areas that guys fished right in front of me and I caught quality fish right behind them. I think they were just fishing the area to fast." 
2nd place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: crankbait on a ledge break in about 10 feet of water
lures/tackle: Strike King medium diving crankbait in sexy shad color. Bomber Fat Free Shad in citrus shad color.
key of the day: "I fished baits that I thought the fish would be able to see/feel/hear in the muddy water conditions on Saturday. I caught all my good fish early in the day."
3rd place: Paul Pilkington
technique: top water in the morning. Spinner bait throughout the day. Pitching a jig at the end of the day.
lure/tackle: Zara Spook in a chrome blue color. 1/2oz white spinnerbait. 1/2oz black and blue jig with a zoom super chunk trailer.
key of the day: "After my poor showing at the first tournament of the season at Conesus I knew I had to regain my confidence back. I told myself to relax and enjoy the day fishing. After I caught a couple good fish in the morning on the spook I relaxed and threw lures I have confidence in."  
Winning details of Conesus Lake 6/18/11
1st place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: in the morning he threw a crankbait in 8-12 foot of water and spinnerbait into the shallows. Mid morning (9:00am-11:00am) he blind cast a senko and jig around and between docks. later in the day he threw a senko under docks.
lures/tackles: Strike King spinnerbait in sexy shad color. Green pumpkin jig. 5" green pumpkin, wacky rigged senko on 8lb fluorocarbon line.
key of the day: "I could not catch anything on a crankbait in the morning so I started throwing a spinnerbait. I caught my biggest fish of the day in 3 foot of water on the spinnerbait. While I was throwing the spinnerbait into the shallows I noticed I was spooking a lot of fish near docks. So I backed off the docks and blind cast a senko around and in between the docks. I caught most of my fish doing this all the way up to about 1:00pm. The last hour of the day, when the sun was high, I started skipping my senko under the docks. The fish were in postspawn and heavily pressured and they were staging around the docks rather than under them."
2nd place: Scott Gauld
techinique: skipping Venom Salty Slings around docks. Threw a mid day topwater chugbug in 4'-6' of water.  Pitched a Venom Dream Craw into the weeds.
lures/tackle:  Venom Salty Sling 5" Baby Bass color wacky rigged. Chugbug. 4" Venom Dream Craw in green pumpkin color pegged with a 5/16 oz Tungsten weight.  
key of the day: "I caught all my fish in about a 100 yard stretch of water. It is not normally a place that I fish too often, but I caught my big smallmouth out of there and I usually find where there is 1 smallmouth there is more so I just saturated the area and ended up catching all my fish in that area, smallies and largemouth. Also the fish were relating more to the outside of the docks rather than under them."
3rd place: Josh Snyder
technique:  fished shallow weeds with a spinnerbait in the morning then pitched a beaver into the weeds in 4-10 feet in the afternoon
lures/tackle: 4.25 inch Venom Sweet Dream in green pumpkin on 30lb power pro braid
key of the day: "The fish were pretty active first thing in the morning but they quickly became much less agressive. I had to leave the bait on the bottom for ten to fifteen seconds and slowly lift it up to see if it felt heavy. I only felt one bite out of the keepers I caught, and the braid was very important for getting the fish out of the weeds."
Winning details of the Upper Niagara River/Lake Erie 9/26/10
1st place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: Dropshot on the lake in the morning and flipping docks on the river in the afternoon.
lures/tackle: Gulp products on the dropshot. A green lizard when flipping docks.
key of the day: "The biggest key of the day was going to the lake in the morning before the bite shut down out there. I caught my 2 biggest fish from the lake and if I did not have those 2 fish I would not have won the tourny. When I came back to the river I found a dock that I caught 25 Largemouth Bass from and the fish were all over 2lbs. It was the most insane dock that I have ever fished."
2nd place: Jim Thompson
technique: draggin a tube
lures/tackle: Venom tubes in watermelon and green pumpkin color.
Watermelon color worked on the west river and green pumpkin color worked on the east river.
key of the day: "My non-boater (Walt Diermyer) gave me some key areas and good ideas on the American side and the Canadian side of the river that really helped me out."
3rd place: Andy Full
technique: Drop shot and draggin a tube
lures/tackle: 3" Gizzard tube in watermelon color on a 3/8oz jighead.
Dropshot lure was a Jackall superfin tail shad in violet shad color.
key of the day: "I caught 4 fish in 2 drifts that were over 3lbs. I had a lot of confidence after that and new that I had a good bag to bring to the scales."
Winning details of the Lower Niagara River 9/25/10
1st place: Patrick Schlosser
technique: Dropshot
lures/tackle: Gulp products: 3" fry in green pumpkin, 3" emerald shiner, 3" leech. 1/4oz pencil weight. 6'10" Kister Magnesium drop shot rod, 7' Kistler Helium drop shot rod. Quantum reels spooled with 6lb and 8lb Sugoi flurocarbon line.
key of the day: "I found a spot that had a significant drop off from 6' down to 25' and it held some weeds. Once I found the fish I stayed on top of them and weeded through the little ones to get to the bigger ones. I did not think the Lower Niagara was going to be this good of a fishery, but my mind was changed in a hurry today."
2nd place: Ian Cashdollar
technique: Dropshot
lures/tackle: Gulp 3" smelt with a 3/8oz to a 1/2oz weight on a Skeet Reese 7'2" drop shot rod.
key of the day: "My boater had a lot of quality spots on the river and I have to give Doug Neadows the credit for putting me on the fish. Catching almost a 6lb fish with 15 minutes to go in the tournament wasn't a bad key of the day for me either."
3rd place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: Dropshot
lure/tackle: Gulp 3" Fry in green pumpkin. 7'8" Gander Mountain rod.
key of the day: "The biggest key of the day for me was finding deep retaining walls and doing the classic smallmouth drifts in 20-30 feet of water."
Winning details of Conesus Lake 9/11/10
1st place: Paul Pilkington
technique: working the weed edge with a spinnerbait and flipping docks.
lures/tackle: White spinnerbait on a 7 1/2 foot Med/Heavy rod spooled with 10lb monofilament line. Jig-n- Pig on a 7 1/2 foot flippin stick spooled with 30lb Monofilament line.
key of the day: "I wanted to get off to a good start today and just find some fish. Since I didn't know what hole I was going to start in my goal was just to get a few fish in the morning. Well I got off to a good start by catching 3 fish in the first 10 minutes of the day. I got some confidence and I just tried to pay attention to the details of where the fish I caught came from and tried to duplicate the same pattern in the other 3 holes of the hole course."
2nd place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: Throwing a crankbait into the weeds and ripping it out of them in the morning. Dock fishing once the sun came up. 
lures/tackle: Medium diving fat free shad crankbait. 5" wacky rigged Strike King Ocho in green pumpkin color thrown on a spinning rod with 8lb flourocarbon line.
key of the day: "I would have never gone to my first spot of the day if it was not for the hole course and I did not draw it as my first hole. However I caught my biggest fish of the day there (5.16lb largemouth, that was the lunker of the tournament)........so I guess the biggest key of the day was just being lucky and drawing that hole to start in."
3rd place: John Evans
technique: Shallow fishing docks and pontoon boats
lures/tackle: 5" Yum Dingers in lighter colors. 6' spinning rod spooled with 8lb monofilament line.
key of the day: "I struggled to catch fish. I had to make a decision to keep fishing my strength of shallow water. I was eventually able to catch 4 decent fish among a bunch of 11" fish. I came across a pontoon boat that had a deflated innertube hanging over the end and I thought to myself that no one probably fished under their. I was able to skip a Yum Dinger under their and I caught one of my best fish of the day off that boat."
Winning details of Sodus Bay 8/14/10
1st place: Paul Pilkington
technique: Froggin in the slop
lures/tackle: 7' heavy action rod with 50lb braid. Spro frog in tropical white color.
key of the day: "I missed my first couple fish when they blew up on my frog because I ripped the frog from the fish too fast. Once I remembered to wait a few seconds on the blow up I was able to hook the fish. I also had to get the fish out of the slop as fast as possible when I caught one. If I let the fish get down in the weeds under the slop I would lose them. I had all my fish by 8:30am."
2nd place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: Flippin to shallow weedlines. The inside and outside edge of the weeds. Throwing a spinnerbait into the weeds
lures/tackle: Zoom Brushhog in white color with a 1/4oz pegged bullet weight. 3/4oz Spinnerbait in sexyshad color.
key of the day: "I went to the windiest area that I could find to target less pressured fish. It was so windy today that I figured that most guys were going to fish areas out of the wind and those areas were going to get a lot of fishing pressure. I basically wore my trolling motor battery out today in the wind."
3rd place: Kenn Kolo
technique: fishing the deeper edge of docks and posts and shallow against the walls and banks.
lures/tackle: A black and blue pig-n-jig. Power Hawg in pumpkin color. Senko in black and blue color.
key of the day: "Patience! I tried to let the lure soak as long as possible. It was hard to do though with the strong wind but I found the longer I could leave the lure in the water the better my chances were of getting a strike. I caught the lunker of the day in 6-8 inches of water under a tree on a senko." 
Winning details of Oneida Lake 8/8/10
1st place: Scott Firkins
technique: dropshot in 10-12 foot of water near the weededge. ripping a spinnerbait through the weeds.
lures/tackle: 4" nose hooked senko on a dropshot. Spinnerbait 
key of the day: "Found a hump on a shoal with some weeds and fished the weed edge thouroughly. I would catch 2 or 3 fish and than they would dissapear for an hour or so and than they would come back and I would catch 2 or 3 more. When I ran out of 4" senkos I would take a 6" one and cut it down to 4 inches." 
2nd place: Joe Kugel
technique: skipping docks in 1 1/2 foot of water
lures/tackle: green pumpkin with blue flake senko
key of the day: "I wasted 5-6 hours looking for the smallmouth. I still did not have any fish around noon and I was driving around and saw a few docks in a bay and thought I would give them a try."
3rd place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: drop shot on shoals in 15 feet of water. flipping under a tree near the bank.
lures/tackle: A black Gulp 5" worm. Sweet Beaver in Bama Bug color.
key of the day: "It was a very slow bite and I tried to cover as much water as I could trying to find some fish. I also tried to find fishable water in areas that I thought other guys would not be fishing. I pretty much went up and down the whole lake."
Winning details of Oneida Lake 8/7/10
1st place: Sean Firkins
technique:  Drop shot on a shoal in 6-13 feet of water targeting the smallmouth.
lures/tackle: 3" worm in a green pumpkin color
key of the day: "The bite was really slow, so I had to fish really slow and fish the spot thoroughly. The bite did pick up as the day went on. I caught all my fish on one shoal."
2nd place: Paul Pilkington
technique: Spinnerbait around the weed edge off of the shoals. Throwing a chugbug up onto the shoal over the weeds.
lures/tackle: White spinnerbait and a chugbug in a baby bass color.
key of the day: "Patience!!!!! Fish were far and few between. I did not catch a lot of fish but the ones that I did catch were quality fish."
3rd place: Jim Thompson
technique: Top water in deep water (15-20 feet of water) looking for the smallies. Draggin a worm and throwing a spinnerbait.
lures/tackle: spook type bait, a 5/16 oz texas rigged worm in a black and blue color and a shad color spinnerbait
key of the day: "Not loosing any fish. I only got 5 bites today and I landed them all."
Winning details of Irondequoit Bay 7/24/10
1st place: Jim Thompson
technique: Jimmy had 3 different spinnerbaits tied on all day and threw them all. He also used a  texas rigged worm. He even threw a senko to the back wall of a dock.
lures/tackle: darker colored 3/8oz spinnerbaits made out of light wire. 7 1/2 inch Producto worm in black and blue color, texas rigged with a 5/16oz weight. And a black/blue senko.
key of the day: "This is the 1st time all season that I put a trailer hook on my spinnerbaits and 3 of my fish that I weighed in today were hooked on the trailer hook. I also think it was important that I was using a thin wire spinnerbait which created more vibration since the water was so stained."
2nd place: Paul Pilkington 
technique: "I fished docks, threw a spinnerbait over weed flats and threw a jig-n-pig in trees."
lures/tackle: pearl blue senko. Strike King white spinnerbait. Black and blue rattleback jig with a zoom salty chunck trailer.
key of the day: "The biggest key for me was being patient throughout the day. I had to sift through a lot of small fish to get the keepers that I needed."
3rd place: Dan "The kid" Kaszubski
technique: Docks in the morning and cranking offshore points in the afternoon.
lures/tackle: Creature bait in junebug color around docks. Medium diving Fat Free Shad crankbait.
key of the day: "I worked an area as thoroughly as possible once I found a spot with fish on it to make sure I wasn't leaving any fish behind."
Winning details of Chautauqua Lake (North End) 7/11/10
1st place: Ian Cashdollar
technique: Skipping docks and pontoon boats.
lures/tackle: 4" Fat Ika in watermelon color
key of the day: "I tried to use a lure with a different profile than a senko. The lake gets a lot of fishing pressure and I am sure the fish see a senko a lot."
2nd place: Joe Kugel
technique: Skipping docks and pontoon boats.
lures/tackle: Texas rigged two-tone colored senko, Yum Dinger in watermelon color with blue and purple flake.
key of the day: "I had to fish real slow today. I dead sticked the lure and waited. I fished each dock real slow. I also found the bite better when I worked the lure back to the boat with the wind/current. When I went against the wind/current I did not get a bite."
3rd place: John Evans
technique: "I fished deeper weeds into the shallow water and I covered a lot of water today."
lures/tackle: Yum Dinger in lighter colors, spinnerbait/chatterbait
key of the day: "I covered a lot of water to find fish today. I did not have a fish at 12:00pm and I was starting to lose my mental focus. I pulled into a spot where I saw other people fishing throughout the day, so I knew that the spot had a lot of pressure but I got there at the right time because I finally caught a fish. My first fish gave me a little confidence and I was able to get my limit."
Winning details of Chautaqua Lake (South End) 7/10/10
1st place: Scott Firkins
technique: "I mainly flipped tubes and jigs to the bank, trees, and wood in less than 2 feet of water."
lures/tackle: Green flipping tube and a jig
key of the day: "I did a lot of searching for fish. I did not have any fish at 11:00am so flipping shallow water was my last ditch effort."
2nd place: Don Roesch
technique: "I skipped docks and pontoon boats all day long."
lures/tackle: wacky rigged senko in pumpkin color on 5lb power pro braid.
key of the day: "I switched colors a lot today until I finally found a color that they were hitting on. I normally do not fish pumpkin color but today it was the only color that worked. I looked for docks that had a little cleaner water and tried to find the weeds that were not covered in mossy/algae."
3rd place: John Evans
technique: "I fished shallow water with stickbaits. From banks to docks."
lures/tackle: Texas rigged Yum Dingers in lighter colors, Spinnnerbaits and chatterbaits 
key of the day: "Trying to keep my focus and not get discouraged. There was a lot of time between bites. The tournament actually went better than my pre-fishing did."
Winning details of Lake Erie/Niagara River 6/26/10
1st place: Jim Thompson
technique: Jim started the morning off by throwing a spinnerbait inside the break wall where he picked up 4 decent fish. He than went out to the Round House to pick up his limit with a tube and to try to cull some of his smaller fish.
lures/tackle: Jimmy was throwing a spinner bait made by fellow club member Joe Kugel in the morning. Throughout the rest of the day he was dragging a Venom tube in watermelon color and a Bass Pro tube in green pumpkin color. And of course, Jim "Mr. Topwater" Thompson, was using a top water bait around 1:00pm to catch some fish inside the break wall.
key of the day: Jim made sure to give recognition to his partner Ian Cashdollar for letting him borrow his Green Pumpkin Bass Pro tube that Jim said caught the bigger fish. "Working with and sharing tackle with my partner put me in first place today. There are a lot of good fish inside the breakwall. I probably caught 10-12lbs of fish inside the wall today."
2nd place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: Dan lived and died by the drop shot today. "I pretty much used the drop-shot the entire day in about 40 feet of water on off-shore reefs."  
lures/tackle: The Kids bait of choice was a 5" Gulp finesse worm.
key of the day: "Being on the spot at the right time of day. I tried my spots through out the entire day, but they only produced for a short period of time. The fish would turn on and off and I was fortunate to be on the right spot at the right time. Between 9:00am-9:30am was the best time for me."
3rd place: Walt Babiarz
technique: Walt used 3 fishing techniques today. "I used a tube, I used a drop-shot, and I threw a crankbait."
lures/tackle: "My tube was in a gold pumpkin color, my crankbait was in a crawfish color that dove to 8 feet, and I was using 4" Gulp Goby Magic on the drop-shot.
key of the day: "The bite was very slow today and the fish were far and few between. The initial drop was when most of the bites happened. If I did not get a bite on the first drop I reeled in and tried again." 
Winning details of Honeyoe Lake 6/19/10
1st place: Dan "The Kid" Kaszubski
technique: The Kid power fished Honeoye in the morning with a crankbait during the cloud cover in 8-14 foot of water. When the sun came up he slowed his fishing style down and started throwing a creature bait jig in the weed pockets.
lures/tackle: Dan did most of his damage on the Honeoye fish with a fat free shad crankbait and a creature bait jig in green pumpkin color.
key of the day: The Kid can find the fish and today he found them on the transition line from the outer weed edge to deeper water.
Under cloud cover he made long casts with the crankbait and retrieved it quickly.  Under the hot sun he slowed down with the creature bait jig.
2nd place: Bill Pilkington
technique: Bill picked up some heavy sinking worms on his way home from Florida and they sure paid off at Honeoye this morning. Bill said they were heavier than a normal worm/senko, and that helped him get the worm down faster in the wind. He had the worm rigged wacky style and was focusing on the 10-12 foot deep weed edge.
lures/tackle: Power Bait sinking  style worm
key of the day: The biggest key of the day for Bill was getting to fish with his son Paul on Fathers Day Weekend. Bill caught all his fish between 6:00am-7:30am. Not a bad morning of fishing.
3rd place: Scott Firkins
technique: Scott spent most of the day fishing two patterns. He used the drop shot in 10-12 foot of water and when that wasn't working he started flipping docks.
lures/tackle: A 4" finesse worm worked for Scott while drop shotting. When he went to the docks he was throwing a flipping tube on a 7' Medium Heavy rod with 20lb test line.
key of the day: Being lucky is how Scott summed up his day on Honeoye! His trolling motor died half way through the day and in the windy conditions on Honeoye he used a drift sock to try to slow the boat down. Accuracy with his first cast was key because he didn't have time to work the dock thoroughly in the wind.